Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you able to show me my building’s electricity usage? Is it actually real-time usage?

A: We are able to show you this information by installing sophisticated monitors within your building’s electrical system. All electricity that flows through those monitors is turned into usable data and transmitted to a control unit. Then, you just log into your Element47 Dashboard where the information is intuitively displayed and watch your building’s usage. And yes, in real-time.


Q: Do I have to pay for the monitors? What are my upfront costs?

A: No, you do not have to pay for the monitors. We provide and install them at no upfront cost to you.


Q: If I choose to have one of your solar systems installed, what kind of costs should I expect for all of that equipment?

A: Absolutely none. We buy the equipment and install it at no charge to you.


Q: How do you guys make money then?

A: We only make money when you have saved it. Our sales come from a percentage of your total electricity savings. In the case of the solar systems, our revenues come from selling the solar power to you at a mere fraction of grid prices.