Right now, power is flowing invisibly throughout your building. Every time a refrigeration unit powers up or a bank of lights is switched on, a silent withdrawal of sorts is taken from your business’ bank account.

Likely, this electricity is costing you thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars each month.

A huge expense item on your financial statement that few are paying attention to.

Element47 is your comprehensive solution to that problem. We are unique in our capabilities. No one else can deliver these kinds of solutions.

We give you the tools to monitor, control and reduce your energy costs. We can even help you capture and utilize your building’s solar energy potential, with no upfront cost to you.


Like a pair of X-ray glasses, our advanced metering technology can show you exactly how much energy your facility is using and where it is being used. Not next month, or next week, but minute by minute, in real-time.


Once at the controls of our client interface, you are no longer a passive observer. Like an Energy Loss Prevention Department, you are now the master of your facility’s energy usageand have customized, actionable data at your fingertips. If a rooftop AC unit is powered on, you will see it. 24 hours a day.


Information without action is useless. That is why we partner with you and your company to identify opportunities for usage reduction, improvements in efficiency, and more aggressive, competitive pricing from the power providers. Through our industry expertise and leverage, we will secure the most aggressive energy rates and the best service available to anyone in your market.


Through our Solar Power Purchase Agreements, we will install the necessary equipment to capture your building’s solar energy potential at zero cost to you. Then, simply purchase the generated power from us at a fraction of normal utility rates. At the end of the agreed term, the equipment is yours.